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Hidden Horrors

Here are just a small number of the many horrors I have found hiding within some of the installations I've worked on.
 I came across this rather nasty set of terminations clearly missing a suitable enclosure lurking below the floorboards - 2017 
 A fire waiting to happen... This badly installed down light was not  suitably positioned allowing sufficient airflow around the fitting. As clearly seen the extreme heat generated by the halogen lamp has literally burned the wooden joist - 2016 
 Live conductors exposed! 
In need of immediate remedial action I discovered this
junction box in a loft clearly missing a lid  - 2016 
This I discovered whilst replacing an old style fuse board with a modern   consumer unit 
Part of the job involved having to re position the equipment associated with Solar P.V. installation that the customer had fitted a few years prior.
Whilst mounting the equipment the installers drilled straight   through the existing cables buried in the wall directly above the fuse   board causing a neutral to earth fault - 2017 
 This was 1 of 3 junction boxes I came across in an old house located right next to the river. The juction boxes were not suitably fixed in place and were literally laying on the earth below the floor boards, they had become almost completely submerged due the high river levels after a period of extremely heavy and persistent rain  - 2013
Found during a complete rewire, these 2 very poorly terminated junction boxes found just hanging below the floor boards - sheaths of the cable not brought into the enclosure and not suitably fixed/supported - 2014
Found on the same job, a set of connections made to the lighting  cables just laying under the floor clearly without a suitable enclosure - 2014 
A different rewire this time, but again another very poor set of  connections hiding under the floor boards - 2014
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