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A rewire of your house maybe required where an installation is no longer

safe for continued use due to old age or defective wiring often due to DIY 

or amateur electrical work carried out by a previous homeowner.


  • Does your installation contain cables that are black rubber, fabric or lead?

  • Do you have round toggle switches, the old style round pin sockets or twisted braided flex’s hanging from your ceiling roses?

  • Is your fuse board the old wooden style unit or do you have several switch fuses controlling your installation?

  • Badly installed additions found throughout your house?


If your installation contains any of these items then there is a possibility it may require rewiring and updating.

Or you simply feel your home would benefit from a full rewire as part of a refurbishment project.

I have rewired plenty of houses over the years, many of which whist the customer was still living in the property during the work.

By working in a clean and conscientious manner, I can make the process of rewiring your home as stress free as possible, keeping any disruption to a minimum.

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