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Upgrades & Improvements

Have you recently moved to an older style house in need of modernisation?Although your property may have an older electrical installation,

this does not always necessarily mean it would to be completely rewired.

However there could be a number of upgrades or improvements that you

may need to consider to increase the overall safety of your installation.

Items that may need improvement are:

  • Older style fuse boards. 

  • Earthing & Bonding not up to standard.

  • Lack of 30mA RCD protection e.g. to sockets that may feed portable equipment used outdoors.

  • Older type accessories or fittings, some may have become damaged or showing signs of overheating.

  • Light fittings & accessories that are not suitable for use in the bathroom.

  • Lack of suitable smoke alarms.

I have been asked to improve the electrics in many older houses over the years, and often by carrying out some improvements & replacements it has resulted in an installation fit for continued use without the need of a full rewire!

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