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Upgrades & Improvements at a local church - 2016

 Existing older style consumer unit 
 offering no 30mA RCD protection 
Replacement dual RCD 
 consumer  unit 
 All labelled upon completion 
 of  the final tests 
 I discovered this poorly  
 installed Aumbry light whilst 
 carrying out the periodic 
 test & inspection. 
 Cable not suitably supported or   protected where it enters the fitting. 
 I rewired  the supply to the with a suitably   selected cable. 
 I also found this old chandelier to be in dangerous condition, I removed the fitting immediately and fitted a temporary light. Whilst the fitting was down I offered to   completely refurbish it for the church. 
 Stripping away the many layers of thick black paint, revealed the lovely original brass finish. 
 Back in place and looking stunning, complete  with antique effect energy saving LED lamps. 
 I was asked by the Reverend if the lighting in 
 the Chancel could be updated  
 I suggested replacing the rather old and inefficient  spotlights with LED floods. 
 No more climbing the ladder every few months for the Reverend to replace the inefficient lamps in the extremely dated spot lights. 
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